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  Recap: Industrial Hemp As Planetary Panacea

‘Panacea’ means a ‘cure all.’ This is not some marketing or ideological hype, this is real. For thousands of years, Human Beings have continuously improved their means of existence by using their creative minds to discover the Principles of Nature. Their understanding of these principles enabled them to develop tools and technology to meet their immediate and future needs. These included language, clothing, astronomy and calendars, hunting equipment, farming, means of transportation, and yes, the subject of this article, building materials for shelter from the elements.

As it so happens, for much of our history following the most recent Ice Age, including the material used to document some of this history, our friend the Hemp plant had been one of the most important resources we used to develop fabrics for clothing, for sails, for tents, for rugs, for rope and twine, for oil, as well as for paper. In fact, the words Cannabis and canopy have the same roots. The world had an abundance of Hemp plants.

Hopefully by now the reader has become familiar with some of the very long-standing historic uses by human society, over thousands of years, of the mighty Hemp Plant- ropes, textiles for clothing, tent canopies and sails, oil, cereal grain, paper and painting canvasses, etc.

The previous two posts here at Return Of Hemp discussed some very advanced applications for Industrial Hemp, namely for the possible replacement of graphene as a nano material (suitable for super capacitors), a real game changer where the electric car batteries are concerned, and for building construction materials, replacing wood, plaster, gyprock, plumbing pipes and cement.

This article will discuss an absolutely amazing application, which could be the knock out blow to the current paradigm of petroleum, petrochemical products such as plastic, and the whole socio-economic domination of the planet by the oil and energy cartels, and their push for resource wars and depopulation.

This absolutely amazing application is HEMP PLASTICS.

Let us look at several case studies to see some historic precedents for Hemp Plastics, and the related science and innovation driven manufacturing economy.

Case Study: The American Revolution


The Laws of Nature, and Of Nature’s God…
Ben Franklin: The Modern Prometheus Who Made Good Use of Hemp Paper

Manufacturing Republic vs Agrarian Colony

You Can Pay Your Taxes In Hemp!
Hemp Gin

The issue was the right of the English Colonies to manufacture, control their own credit and currency, invoking The Laws of Nature, and Of Nature’s God- the same Laws which gave us Hemp! It is not a coincidence that George Washington and Thomas Jefferson were Hemp Farmers. Upon founding the early American Republic, the push was on to develop credit policies to foster domestic manufacturing, and expand Hemp production. Taxes were payable in bushels of Hemp!

Case Study: Henry Ford and Hemp Plastics

If Benjamin Franklin was The American Prometheus, then Henry Ford was The American Vulcan. After successfully overhauling the US automobile industry by introducing the automated assembly line and mass production, Henry Ford continued reconsidering manufacturing materials. He was reportedly not only personally contemptuous of the financial and banking aristocracy (what FDR called The Economic Royalists– see next case study…), and was most probably very cognizant of the necessity to develop more natural resources (he was raised on a farm, after all). Henry Ford designed, developed and produced an automobile made largely out of Hemp Plastic, and powered by Hemp oil bio-diesel fuel! The car bodies were ten times stronger than steel. Unfortunately, the Economic Royalists had too much momentum and power, and so the Hemp mobile was not developed on a mass scale.



Case Study: Hemp For Victory

Just as FDR was able to temporarily disrupt the Economic Royalists paradigm to vector massive amounts of credit and resources to crank up the manufacturing economy to build a war machine to defeat fascism, so too was there a temporary call to revive the production of Industrial Hemp for the war effort (ropes, sails, tent canopies, oil…), after it had been suppressed during the previous decade. (see the US War Department video in left column, now unavailable at the Library Of Congress!). The shock of Pearl Harbor, and the realization of going to war, meant that the USA’s survival absolutely depended on two vital things: A heavy industrial manufacturing capability, and Industrial Hemp!

Case Study: Hemp Plastics and Manufacturing For Victory Today!

The key thing to keep in mind, is that all hemp products are bio-degradable! Most of the pollution and trash is from oil, and petrochemical products like plastic. Also, by massively increasing the production of industrial hemp, we are radically improving the health of the land, as one of hemp’s properties is the mineral replenishment of the soil.

There are some wonderful new companies appearing on the scene, which are working very hard to introduce products made from Hemp Plastics. Many of these are daily consumer items: Hemp plastic bags, hemp plastic water bottles, hemp plastic cell phone cases. Some are recreational: Hemp plastic surf and skateboards. Others are of a more heavy industrial character: Automobile parts.

Here are some of the companies:

Hemp Plastics UK

Hemp Plastics – Cannopy Corporation

USA Hemp Plastics

Grow Hemp Colorado

BioComposites Group (BCG)

BioBag Canada Inc.

Titan BioPlastics Canada

Planet-wide Promethean Producers: The New Hemp Order



To enter a new, healthier paradigm, we need to not only put aside the policies and habits associated with the transnational imperial corporate and banking interests, their wars for resources and depopulation (The ‘Right’), but also the related prejudices against growth, science and technology (The ‘Left’).

We need Hemp Homes (Hempcrete foundations, Hempcrete Blocks, Hemp plaster, Hemp ‘wood’ frames, Hemp roofing, Hemp plastic plumbing).

We need Hemp Cereal, Hemp work clothes, drive to work in electric Hemp mobile (powered by superconducting batteries from Hemp nanomaterials), Hemp grocery bags, during Summer vacations- Hemp boat, Hemp surfboard

Hemp Hospitals (CBD)

Hemp farms- to provide Hemp, to replenish the soil, save trees.

In conclusion, there is no reason to fight genocidal wars over natural resources, or to believe in scarcity (‘scare city’), or to believe that Russia, China, Islam or anything else threatens us.

Given the growing realization that we are in a deep, deep crisis of ecological and human economic breakdown caused by this failed, un-natural, inhuman paradigm, and given the revival of Hemp cultivation (Canada 1998, USA 2014) added to the long surviving hemp farming activities across Eurasia, one can envision a new era of cooperation between nations, with shared knowledge, science, industry and the Return Of Hemp.

Back in Sync with The Laws of Nature, and Of Nature’s God