About The ReturnOfHemp.com

Greetings! My name is Harold. Thanks for stopping by Return of Hemp.

After closely following world socio-economic and political trends for over thirty years, I only recently rediscovered the powerful implications of industrial hemp.

This almost feels like putting on special night vision eye-wear, and now seeing more clearly, things that were right there the whole time! Rather than gripe about big oil, big pharma, big chemical, tobacco, big lumber, let us remember what this ‘plant from the Garden of Eden’ can provide (clothing, paper, plastic, food, wood, concrete, bio diesel fuel, replacements for metal, fiber glass, soil treatment, and so much more), and demand it’s return.

This is where eco conscious people, naturopathic healers, discoverers, researchers, activists, farmers and commerce minded people can meet, discover, exchange and prosper together.

Having re-discovered the 50,000 uses for industrial hemp, I am now fully committed to helping revive and expand this ancient, vital  world crop to even beyond its previous dominant place. Given the presence of hemp farming in Eurasia and Canada, and given the possibilities of networking by the internet, this seems to be feasible.

I have assembled as many  consumer and industrial  products as physically possible, and should hope to continue to gain the collaboration of producers, distributors, consumers, activists, researchers and elected officials, towards this mission: The Imminent Return of Hemp.